Topsy Turvy Gardening Tips

The bucket will become quite heavy each time the plant is watered and as it grows. SOURCE: More tips for your home-made upside down …

Jul 27, 2011  · An update on the topsy turvy planter. I just received the June issue of Consumer Reports. There is an article entitled "Don’t flip over Topsy Turvy." The magazine testing staff set up 12 topsy turvies and 12 patio boxes. Both produced about the same number of tomatoes, but the topsy turvy was a lot more trouble, only lasted 1 season.

Growing season: spring and summer. flowers: gold-orange shades that bloom in late summer to early fall. An arching stem shoots up about 8 inches tall with star-shaped flowers. Hardiness Zones: 7b, 8, 9, 10. General Care for ‘Topsy Turvy’, Echeveria runyonii. Water: Keep watered in the spring and summer. Low water needs.

The Topsy Turvy started the upside down tomato growing trend. In fact this planter received an Amazing Inventions award from Time Magazine in 2005. All you have to do is fill the planter with potting soil, add a tomato plant and hang it up.

Topsy Turvy Planters Put your garden on the Slant I love the haphazard way that the pots are arranged and then planted. They give a whimsical look to any garden setting.

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Hostas are carefree plants that provide beauty and colorful … They will brighten the shade garden all summer. "Topsy Turvy"?Tomato and Pepper Planters are a fun and convenient way to enjoy these popular vegetables hanging right …

Use of vertical-oriented containers and taller plants helps stretch your garden upwards — or downwards, as the As Seen on TV Topsy Turvy tomato plant does — while some containers allow plants to grow out of walls or on balcony railings. …

The Topsy Turvy bag will need about 18 quarts of soil. That translates to about ¾ of a 1 cubic foot bag. Select a great starting medium, like the Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix. 3. Heavy hitter. Your planter will weigh 20 – 30 pounds with soil and plant.

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Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter - How to UseVegetable gardeners enjoy Topsy Turvy Tomatoes Planters because they allow tomatoes to grow well on patios and decks. The design saves gardening work because there is no need to weed, dig holes or stake tomato plants.

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