Gardening Tips Onion Maggots

After years of gardening in Jackson Hole I’m still never quite sure. All you need to do to grow onions from sets is to place them in a shallow furrow and cover with just …

Marc Cathey concluded in his book "Heat-Zone Gardening … gardeners are reporting onions that are stunted and scraggly or that completely rotted in the ground. The most common culprit: a worse-than-usual population of onion maggots.

In some parts of the U.S., onion maggots are without a doubt the most serious pest of plants in the onion family. They infest onions, leeks, shallots, garlic and chives.

Root maggots can be a major problem around … However, some root maggots prefer allium species like onion or … Subscribe to the YouTube for More Gardening Tips.

72 - Garden Pests - Onion MaggotsControlling onion maggots is hard, but doable; learn to control them naturally in this article.

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The flies may be repelled if carrots are interplanted with onions … the maggots die before they can make the trek to the root from the surface of the soil. I’ve heard this one before and I aim to try it this summer. FOR MORE gardening tips …

Include plenty of garden goodies, like freshly-sliced tomatoes and eggplant, basil, and chopped peppers and onions, along with some artisanal meats and cheeses. …

most fruits and vegetables have limited growing seasons so you need to get …

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