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changes gardening from a chore to a pleasant experi-ence that the whole family can do. CLIMATE MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Southeast Alaska is rainy and cool, and for successful gardening good drainage is essential. Rows planted on . ridges and mounds help drain and warm garden soils. Tile drains and ditches are also helpful.

There are garden tips, links to other master gardener sites within the state of Alaska, and photos of gardens that master gardeners visit on summer tours. Meetings are free and open to the public.

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Moose thrive in Alaska’s largest city with little to fear from natural predators such as wolves or bears, but getting an accurate count of the largest member of the deer family remains a challenge for the state …

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May 29, 2018  · I look first to Denali Seeds which is based in Alaska, and to Johnny’s Seeds (in Maine), Vesey’s Seeds (Canada), and to for very early varieties of whatever I am interested in planting.

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There are other suppliers that have good cold-climate varieties, and some people are trying to develop Alaska varieties of all sorts of vegetables. I didn’t really intend this to run to 10 easy garden tips, but hey, if it happens, it happens.

What Grows Where You Live in Alaska? – In the Alaska Garden with Heidi RaderSpringtime Gardening. Sprinkle river sand (dark) or ashes over the snow covering your garden in April to accelerate it’s removal. The dark color absorbs sun & heat. But be careful with ashes, match the type of ash with the type of plants. (Don Kunkel, Anchorage) Seeding soil: Mix 1/2 vermiculite & 1/2 seeding soil.

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