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1. rake the leaves and pick up twigs, sticks and bark. this is a winter job that can involve all the family and warms you as you work. Drifts of fallen leaves and bark, along with twigs and sticks, accumulate on lawns and paths over winter.

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During winter, there are some handy tips and tricks for healthy winter gardens. now that the cooler weather of winter is here, gardens don’t loose as much water to evaporation as they do in summer.

Apr 22, 2017  · I decided to share this information and then Gardening Melbourne was started on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you get something from this information and please share. remember, no gardeners know it all, so please share your story! Find Gardening Melbourne on Twitter and facebook for live updates and gardening tips.

Plant tomatoes now for autumn harvest, and prepare a garden spot for winter vegetables. Blend in plenty of homemade compost o…

Winter gardening tips The crisp Winter morning air has truly arrived, especially in Melbourne but it doesn’t mean you should ignore your garden through the Winter months. There are plenty of flowers to plant, vegetables to grow & maintenance to take care of until Spring arrives.

Creating a sustainable green space for your home, school or community can benefit your environment and your health. Whether you are a new home owner or looking at re-designing an existing garden, planning is the key to creating a green space you can enjoy for years to come.

Winter Gardening Winter can be a hard time for plants, especially in cold areas. And even in the warmer parts, plants can find the winter months hard going. Growth slows right down and problems become more evident when a plant’s in its cold- weakened state.

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