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Hosta Growing Tips from Walters GardensIt is not yet too late to plant hosta and other shade plants and there seems to be a generous selection at the local garden centers. For collectors or someone who wants something special there are even hosta farms and mail order sources for …

This second part of container gardening will focus on watering and design … pansies/violas, ajuga, ferns, hostas, pentas, geraniums, variegated Cuban oregano, and torenia as a starting list. Remember that all three plants in the formula must …

He tells me he has overcome this problem by choosing plants such as hostas, …

Here’s an instruction sheet I wrote years ago for a class I conducted: Cool tips for hot summers • Group high water … Make sure shade lovers get shade, so they won’t …

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Hostas are some of the most popular of landscape plants, especially in shady areas of the garden. But these wonderful foliage specimens are not without their problems. Use the information from the following articles to find tips for not only growing hosta plants but caring for them when various hosta diseases or pests arise.

When newly planted, keep the roots moist, not wet. once established, hosta plants aren’t fussy and are very tolerant of summer drought. Tips for Hosta Care. Once your plant is established, hosta care becomes a matter of simple maintenance. To keep your growing hostas healthy, fertilize them each spring with an all-purpose garden fertilizer.

it’s not challenging to learn how to plant hostas. Start by determining where to plant hostas. Most hostas like shady conditions, but newer sun tolerant hostas can withstand morning or, with some varieties, all day sun. Start planting hostas by digging a hole and adding organic matter.

We’re heading out Saturday on Nebraska’s first “garden path” auto tour … She’ll also share tips to maintain your compost pile. If you are as crazy about hostas as we …

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Share stories and tips. Be nice and give compliments freely … Marilyn Cornwell: "Shaded front garden showcasing hostas and companion shade plants. back

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