Fruit Gardening Tips

Here, where growing conditions are never ideal … it may be possible to redirect the vine tips. Do not remove any leaves; every leaf is feeding the fruit. Limit the …

Truly one of the more bizarre plants on our planet is the Hydnora africana plant. In some photos, it looks suspiciously akin to that talking plant in Little Shop of Horrors.

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I don’t get many peppers, and they are small. A gardening guru told me it’s because I need to buy the peppers that will grow the fruit with four lobes on the bottom, …

Passion flowers are vigorous vines that give your garden a tropical look. Different types of passion flower vines are available, some hardier than others. For more information about passion flower varieties, click this article.

Outside of your home, you’ll likely find gnats collecting around moist soil near …

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Indeterminate types, such as beefsteak, Better Boy, Early Girl and cherry tomatoes, bear through autumn and into winter, while determinate types basically produce …

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A few years ago, I bought a star fruit and I got curious – could I grow a new tree from one the seeds? I almost gave up on the idea because I’ve heard so many contradictory and discouraging things when it comes to growing stuff from fruit you buy from the store.

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Since our garden plants have depleted a great deal of … you may do more harm than good. I’m placing the fruit tree spikes just inside the outermost branch tips of my …

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