Ergonomic Gardening Tips

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Ergonomic Gardening Tips Gardening has many benefits, yet it also carries everyday dangers you may not realize — especially for your back. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health cites back pain as one of …

ergonomics can help gardeners be more efficient and effective … gardener volunteer with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County. Look for more gardening tips in the Observer-Dispatch or online at

Today we’ll look at prevention of lower-back and lower-body injuries when working in the yard, plus some tips for gardeners with disabilities. People with various …

Ergonomic gardening techniques and tools can help gardeners reduce their risk of injury and make gardening more comfortable. With spring gardening activities coming up, here are a few ways to make it a little easier on your body. …

Gardening is fun, it’s great exercise, and you can do it for your entire life! Also, gardening and yard work are a part of healthy, active living. Heavy yard work like raking and carrying leaves improves endurance and strength, while other gardening activities can help increase and maintain flexibility.

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Gardening ErgonomicsThe earth moves in its own rhythm; very little is done in a thunderclap of time. Over days or weeks, crops and flowers sprout and mature, and so it is with our garden tasks. Give yourself time to do them so they don’t overly tax the body. And give yourself time to enjoy your garden, too.

Gardening Ergonomics: Wrists (Grip) Rules of “thumb”: 1) thumb and forefinger should meet when wrapped around a handle, and 2) indentations in tools should encourage the neutral position (thumb up, wrist straight).

"Gardening can be an ergonomic nightmare," explains Josh Kerst, vice president and ergonomics engineer at Humantech. Maintaining awkward movements and body positions – such as bending and twisting – for long periods of time eventually can wear out the body and cause discomfort.

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