Desert Vegetable Gardening Tips

Successful vegetable gardening in the high desert takes effort but is rewarding. Growing food in the high deserts of the American West is a challenge until you learn how to modify your microclimate. Not only is the high desert incredibly dry, it’s often windy, which can be a larger problem than drought.

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Aug 24, 2013  · Top 7 Crops that Thrive in the Hot Summer Desert Vegetable Garden Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens. … Grow a lot of Food in a Small Garden – 10 easy tips – Duration: 9:41.

Gardening in northern Nevada (the Truckee Meadows, Carson City and surrounding areas) is a challenging and often intimidating experience. We live in the high desert, with extreme day and night temperature fluctuations, high intensity sunlight and low humidity.

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Forget what you see in home and garden … Sonoran desert landscape. That’s not to say, however, that gardeners and wanna-be green thumbs can’t surround themselves with lush foliage, colorful flowerin…

Our secret to a successful Desert Garden {with little work}If you don’t have any of these in your garden, read on and start planning for autumn. PLANTING: In the edible garden, we begin to plant from seed fall vegetables like Asian … some of the penstemons …

Skylands, my home on Mount Desert Island, was designed to take advantage of the … I also rely on sources close to Skylands, including the Ellsworth Home depot garden department, church plant sales, …

In the desert, fallen leaves and other organic matter mostly dry up and blow away instead of turning into rich hummus. Veggies need rich, well-drained soil, so desert gardeners need to amend with lots of compost before planting. Crumbly soil is best for planting. You can dig organic matter into your existing soil, or create a raised bed.

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